This conference will play a major role in advancing self-advocacy in the country. In order to make this event a reality we need the help of our friends and allies. We are asking you to join us in providing cash support or to select from the attached menu of things needed for the conference. Organizations providing support will be recognized at the conference. Any organization providing donations, or an equivalent value service, will be listed at the sponsorship levels listed on the attached sponsorship form.

We are looking for supporters of our movement and supports and services for people with developmental disabilities to support the conference.

Sponsorship Levels Amount
Platinum $10,000+
Gold $5000
Silver $2000
Bronze $1000
Patron $500
Supporter $100


Activities: If you are interested in sole sponsorship of one or more of the listed activities please indicate.

  • Audio visual services for the conference
  • Accommodations such as interpreters, CART services
  • Support of SABE elections by providing funds for transport of accessible voting machines and travel for students to assist with elections ($5000)
  • Speaker fees and travel for keynote speakers ($7500)
  • Providing swag items for conference-t shirts, bags pens ($15,000)
  • Paying for videographer and photographer for conference to include production of conference video ($10,000)
  • Scholarships for self-advocates $375
  • Use for general conference expenses
  • Other (please specify)

Sponsorships may be made in cash or in-kind. Sponsors will be recognized at the conference. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors may also register as an exhibitor at Tech Expo or as general exhibitors.

If you sponsor a specific event or pay exclusively for the purchase of any swag items your logo will be used to recognize your contribution at the event or on the item.

Please complete the sponsorship form.

Make Checks payable to: UCP Mobile, Inc.

Designate check as SABE 2018

Mail to:

SABE 2018
UCP Mobile, Inc.
3058 Dauphin SQ. Connector
Mobile, Al. 36607

If you have any questions regarding this please e-mail Vicki Hicks Turnage at Vturnage33@yahoo.com. Please indicate it is regarding 2018 SABE Conference sponsorship.