Call for Presenters


We are looking for great presentations on:

Pie Chart on Screen

Right to Independent Living – friendships, relationships, sexuality, marriage, spirituality, creativity and artistic expression, Community building, Community living, supported decision making, person centered planning, peer support, family supports, direct support, micro boards, health and wellness, self determination

Right to Financial Independence – careers, employment, budgeting, financial planning, micro-enterprises

Right to Self Advocacy – Education, housing, transportation

Right to Civil Rights and Political Power – communicating with our representatives, voting, understanding important legislation, closing institutions, civil rights, running for office, direct action, self-advocacy organizing, grassroots organizing, being a good citizen, involvement in communities, volunteering, supporting

Right to Technology – Assistive Technology, low tech, high tech, apps and any kind of technology that being with disabilities can use to improve the quality of their lives.

Who can present?

All presenters must be self advocates. Support and co-presenting can be done by non-self advocates.

How long should each presentation be?

Each presentation should be 55 minutes long. Be sure and give time for people to have questions and discussion!

What is the deadline for submission?

January 31, 2018  

How will I know if my application has been accepted?

We will make every effort to include as many presentations as possible. If your presentation is NOT accepted and if your presentation IS accepted, you will be notified by March 1, 2018.

What audiovisual aids will be provided?

You can request flip charts/markers, tv/dvd player. Computers and LCD projectors will not be provided. If you need a Computer/LCD projector you should bring your own.

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